The villa was developed from the ancient fortifications of Montefollonico even making use of a semicircular tower with battlements. The façade of the building, as can be seen in old images, was plastered in differing shades to create an effect of the stone being moulded to protrude forward (the architectural term, bossage). The villa was once part of the residence of the Marquises of Coppoli, feudal lords of Montefollonico from November 1618, and then became the property of the Landuccis, an important local family. The current property of Villa Marselli also includes the Pianello Gate, and the Triano Gate, ancient accesses to the village.
The tower, dating back to the end of the 15th century and today part of the villa, is located along the original thirteenth-century enclosure of the walls. The battlements date back to the late nineteenth century