About us

La proloco di Montefollonico

The Proloco of Montefollonico was born on April 27th 2016 from an idea of ​​the Municipality of Torrita di Siena and the 4 associations: the Cultural Center of Montefollonico, the Multipurpose Center of Montefollonico, the A.S.D. Polisportiva Montanina and the A.S.D. Montefollonico match officials. The official headquarter is located in Via Ansano Landucci at no. 32, in the ancient Palazzo Pretorio of the town.


The Proloco of Montefollonico aims to enhance its territory, the aggregation and collaboration with the various associations, for the purpose of a better knowledge of the mountain reality outside the village walls.

The main event that the Proloco di Montefollonico has the task of organizing is “Il Borgo del vin santo: Would you like a drop of Vin Santo?”, an event dedicated to the particular dessert wine, or rather for meditation, typical of Tuscany in general and of these areas in particular. The event includes a competition between amateur Vin Santo collected locally and in Tuscany, compared and judged by a group of industry experts.

But the Proloco of Montefollonico is not only Vin Santo: it promotes and follows the restoration of works of art and monuments present in the town, carries out, under the direction of specific employees and with regular authorizations, the excavation of the ancient access road to the medieval nucleus , organizes exhibitions of painting, photography and various objects of relevance to the area, organizes walks and historical-naturalistic guided tours along the local trail network, collaborates with the Municipality, Public Assistance, Mercy and AUSER for the transport service for people over sixty-five in Montefollonico.
It collaborates and organizes light and classical music performances, commemorations and historical re-enactments relating to events in the history of the village.

Important is the collaboration with the Origo family, owner of Villa La Foce for the concert of “Incontri in terra di Siena” which takes place in late July-early August in the Church of Triano.

The Proloco Montefollonico manages from the moment of its constitution the tourist information office whose seat is in the Palazzo Pretorio.

The council of the Proloco is made up only of volunteers who dedicate part of their time to the various activities that are organised.

Proloco di Montefollonico BOARD

  • Andrea Tonini President
  • Vincenza Ricchiuti Vicepresident
  • Renato Pracchi Secretary
  • Laura Romani Tesoriera
  • Leonardo Trombetti Advisor
  • Flavio Burroni Advisor
  • Dania Masotti Advisor
  • Franco Biagi Advisor
  • Antonietta Neri Advisor
  • Timothy Rawlinson Advisor