One of the three access gates to the village built in 1294, along with the main parts of the walls, by Sienese workers. Two Sienese workers, Burnaccio and Ristoro, who participated in or directed the works, are honoured in an inscription at the top of the gate. The gate is now about half the original height shown in drawings from the early 19th century. From this gate, public officials observed militias from Montepulciano destroying the huts and vineyards in the neighbouring localities of Felline, Ponticello, Petriolo and Giuncheta in May 1229.
“IN NOMINE DOMINEAMEN ANNO DOMINI MCCLXXXXIIII BURNACI ET RISTORO OPERARI COMUNIS SENARUM” Translation: in the name of the lord amen year of the lord 1294 Burnaci and Ristoro workers of the municipality of Siena
Stone from the Villa Marselli oil mill
Remains of the “Inferno” (Crusher Drain)
The door was twice as high and inside there was the posting of the guards. Presumably demolished in the early 1800s for the construction of the Marselli garden