The now deconsecrated church of San Bartolomeo is a Romanesque building on Via Coppoli. A stone on the sidewall of the building dates the renovation back to 1255 built on a pre-existing sacred site. The church was originally public as it was built (or expanded) by the people of Montefollonico. But it was was sold to the Landucci family (then owners of Villa Marselli) who made it their family church. Inside there are tombstones from family burials. Also within can be seen the remains of frescoes dating back to the late 1100s, early 1200s and fifteenth centuries. Of particular interest is a sculpture placed at the top of the façade of the building, probably dating back to the Lombard era, which represents a mermaid with two fins, a symbol of fertility. Today the building houses a ceramic workshop and is privately owned.
Remains of frescoes from the early 13th century by the master of San Bartolomeo
Sculptures that are part of the stone decoration of the abbey of Santa Maria in Follonica
Pottery work by local artist
“WORK OF THE PEOPLE OF MONTEFOLLONICO AD 1255 PEACE FACTA WITH THE REPUBLIC” carried out on the occasion of a reconciliation with the Republic of Siena
Two-tailed siren, probable reuse from the previous church of San Bartolomeo which was originally outside the town of Montefollonico, in the locality of Frignano